Monday, January 15, 2007

Weapons Manufacturers

Presence of weapon manufacturers

Even though arms are the similar, there are four types among them in PSU:

"GRM" (pronounced "gah-roo-mou") on Parum.
"Yohmei" on Neudaiz.
"Tenora Works" on Moatoob.

And non-brand-name weapons that belong to no manufacturers are called "Kubara Items".
Each type of these arms have its own distinctive naming.
The manufacturers' products have their own characteristics like specialized genres, high PP, or high attacking power.

Moreover, designs also considerably differ depending on the manufacturer, so you can choose arms based on their maker.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Where to Attack

Differences in attacks from front, back and to various portions of the body

A chance of successfully hitting a target is calculated with the ability value, but in fact, if you attack enemies from right behind, any attack can hit them ten out of ten.
This said, you may have trouble moving around to the back of monsters since they will naturally come to attack you.
Consequently, the cooperative gameplay comes into the picture here.

If you attack an enemy from right behind while another player is attracting its attention to him/her, you will be able to hit it 100%.
This shows that weapons or Races with lower hit accuracy can utilize their abilities by working together.

Boss characters are damaged differently depending on the body parts attacked.
You may defeat one more easily than you expected by attacking a specific portion of its body.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Battling Through the Features 2

Wipeout, Blowaway, and Launch

PSU features some of the most radically changed features and effects like Wipeout, Blowaway and Launch.
Sometimes the normal tactics you can employ simply won’t be enough and this is where these effects come into play

You can wipe out, blow away, or launch monsters by using specific attacks, which has been much changed, certainly compared to PSO.
They in turn cannot counter-attack until they recover and regain their balance.

For instance, some Photon Arts have the effects of Blowaway or Launch.
Also, the Wipeout effect will be added to some Techniques if you upgrade them.

Similarly, you can blow away the enemy with the available SUV-Weapons and Nanoblast.

If there is a quick enemy one way to win against it could be to bring it down using an attack, then surround it and bringing it down?
Such a method has more significant meaning in the team-based gameplay, as well as the single-player gameplay.
You can attack formidable enemies unilaterally by taking advantage of these effects.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Highly flexible methods to develop characters

There are many ways to improve your character:

* Raise the player level by earning Experience Points.
* Purchase/pick up powerful weapons and protective equipment to equip your character with.
* Enhance your favourite weapons and develop them to become stronger.
* Make your character powerful by boosting

Photon Arts.
* Strengthen your character by upgrading the level of Battle Type.
* Synthesize powerful weapons and protective gear.

If you find you have favourite weapons or Photon Arts in your arsenal, you can concentrate on improving these items.
Also, you can try various versions of the Battle Types or raise the level of skill of one Battle Type to attain the ultimate level.

As you master these Types, you will get even more advanced editions of them.

In this way, PSU enables you to play in a way that makes much of your game play style up to you. At the same time you can enjoy more flamboyant combat moves and level up your characters in a wide variety of ways.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Individual and customizable nature of characters

PSU allows you to choose from 4 characteristic Races and customize them later in various ways. What is more, there is little constraint, as the title does not force the player to customise in any one way.
* Races consist of Human, Newman, Cast, and Beast.
* Special attacks are "Nanoblast" for Beast, and "SUV-Weapons" for Cast.
* You can change battle types with the "Type Select" feature later when you feel like it.
* The notion of "Shield Line System" makes it possible to wear whichever clothes you like regardless of what equipment you use.

A player can select the Race of their character based on the abilities you want. It is even possible to choose characters through whichever preference of appearance you have. Because you can change job types, you do not have to be concerned that you cannot equip yourself with a good weapon even though you may have already obtained one.

Cast can use SUV-Weapons, which are enormous arms.
Beast can use Nanoblast that makes them turn into giant beast-men and go on a rampage. There may be some of you who choose a specific Race specifically for their special features.

So Classes have compatibility with Races. For instance, Newman are good at Technique attacks, but it is possible to use unconventional combinations such as Newman using close-combat weapons (Hunter) or Cast using Technique-type weapons (Force). You can mix and match these abilities to unexpectedly take opponents by surprise to great effect!

As for protective gear, it is not associated with the costume the character wears due to the Shield Line system. The mechanism of the system does not sacrifice what you may prefer you character to wear for strength.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Photon Arts!

One of the special characteristics in the battle system that you will come across is a feature called Photon Arts (PA).

This is the notion that characters can ‘learn’ techniques and these can then be linked to weapons in order to activate them. To put it simply, they are special attacks you can freely equip your weapons with from one PA to another, and enhance them as well.

Specifically, when the Photon Arts of combat weapons ‘skills’ are raised, the character jumps and leaps, and pulls off flashy special actions that do not seem like they are from an online title.

Since there are so many types, you will be at a loss to choose your favourite ones.
The reason we created Photon Arts was that we wanted to motivate the player to strive to use, and improve, whatever techniques they have! Among them there are many funny ones that we think you won’t be able to stop laughing at!

In Phantasy Star Online (PSO), the actions of the player did not change even though they were equipped with weapons that were at a high level. We basically thought we would like you to have a feeling almost as if, ‘I want to move like that player!’ By making motions change gradually we hoped to improve the feeling that these moves were earned.

Not only are Photon Arts eye-catching but it is essential to decide when and where to use which ones. They have a tactical importance too! The more you use PA, the more powerful and impressive they grow to be. So there is another tough, but fun challenge ahead of you in working out which PA you are going to upgrade next!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Battling through the Features!

There are three main basic policies in the battle in PSU, the first being the battle scenes. Fighting has become truly eye-catching to the extent that you can recognize it at a glance compared with PSO.

You can now also engage a player or AI opponent in combat in various ways:
  • By using the many weapons tactically with Action Palette.
  • Make attacks at both short and long ranges with a sword in your right hand, and a gun in your left, and make a wide-ranging attack with two-handed weapons.
  • Visually stunning and refreshing actions realized by Photon Arts. In addition you can upgrade these to be even more impressive and powerful!
  • Shoot at weak points of boss characters in the first-person view.
  • Action aspects that lets you aim at and hit the enemy with a direction-fixed move.
  • Huge boss enemies have become even more impressive, both visually and in terms of how you defeat them!
  • Up to six players can enjoy battling through the game at one time.